The Des Moines register has become the first American newspaper to run an editorial calling for homeschool oversight.

The editors express concern  that in Iowa, “A child can suddenly stop attending middle school, and the parent choosing [to homeschool] has no obligation to explain anything to anyone — assuming anyone asks. According to a publication from the Iowa Department of Education, parents must only provide the names of students, instructors and the instructor’s location in response to a written request from a school district superintendent or the state education director.”

The state’s lack of homeschool oversight is thought to have contributed to the tragic death of homeschooled teenager Natalie Finn, who was starved and abused by her parents. The Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier has joined the Des Moines Register in supporting increased home school oversight, citing the additional tragic death by abuse of Timothy Boss, a ten-year-old home school boy. “The lack of oversight contributed, in part, to tragedies involving these home-schooled children,” wrote the The Courier.


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