The Center for Home Education Policy is a volunteer-led non-profit project that serves as an information resource for media, academics, and policymakers about the rights of homeschool children. It also provides information resources for student and alumni victims of home school abuse and neglect, including connections to our network of pro bono legal counsel.

Our volunteer experts, who are all homeschool graduates and working professionals, are available for both media and research interviews. Our blog compiles scholarship about homeschooling, the rights of homeschool children, current trends in homeschool oversight reform, and practical information for victims of home school abuse.

Homeschool students have legal and human rights that transcend the right of their parents to homeschool. These rights include, but are not limited to, the rights to religious freedom, freedom of association, to gender equality, to medical care, and to an adequate education.

Homeschool policies have significant ramifications for the well-being and longterm future of homeschool students. In the United States, free-for-all homeschooling conducted with little or no oversight is a contributing factor in almost 90 documented homeschool child fatalities. It is also a partial cause of tragic outcomes in hundreds of documented cases of severe abuse and neglect.